First Aired:
Episode 1
Chapter One
Jane finds her life turned upside down when she is artificially inseminated by accident.
13 October 2014

Episode 2
Chapter Two
Jane's mother pressures her to sue the doctor responsible for the accidental insemination.
20 October 2014

Episode 3
Chapter Three
Jane contemplates a life-changing decision and questions Petra's ability to be a mother.
27 October 2014

Episode 4
Chapter Four
Jane experiences guilt concerning her feelings for Rafael, and she admits this to Michael. Meanwhile, an unwelcome visitor from Petra and Rafael's past surfaces; and Rogelio asks Xo to allow him to be involved in Jane's wedding.
03 November 2014

Episode 5
Chapter Five
Jane moves in with Michael after she gets mad at Xo, but then she reconsiders her hasty actions. Meanwhile, Rogelio grows anxious when Jane plans to meet with him; and Rafael and Petra continue to have marital problems.
10 November 2014

Episode 6
Chapter Six
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) begin to grow closer until she meets his mean twin teenage stepdaughters, who are determined to make her life miserable. Rogelio insists Xo (Andrea Navedo) uses his band for her big performance at the Mirabella Hotel, but the band is not what she was expecting. Elsewhere, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) finds himself arrested after Petra (Yael Grobglas) files a complaint against him. Meanwhile, Jane is conflicted about the direction of her relationship wit
17 November 2014

Episode 7
Chapter Seven
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) decides the best thing for her is to stay away from Rafael (Justin Baldoni), but when her friends insist on taking her to the hot new club that he owns, she finds it hard to avoid him. Elsewhere, Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) each have dinner plans, so Rogelio suggests they have a double date, but the evening doesn't work out as planned. Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Grobglas) is once again scheming to make Rafael's life more difficult. Brett Dier and Ivonne Coll al
24 November 2014

Episode 8
Chapter Eight
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) both reveal shocking secrets to each other. Xo (Andrea Navedo) is excited when a music producer, Elliot (Juanes), contacts her to record a demo, but little does she know that Rogelio (Jaime Camil) had a hand in making it happen. Meanwhile, Michael (Brett Dier) is close to a big break in his case, and Petra (Yael Grobglas) finds new ways to make Rafael's life difficult. Ivonne Coll also stars.
08 December 2014

Episode 9
Chapter Nine
Petra tries to get custody of the baby, all the while Micheal tries to find proof Rafeal may be Sin Rosto. Xiomara gets a record offer. Petra's identity is almost revealed.
15 December 2014

Episode 10
Chapter Ten
A hurricane forces Jane to stay at the Marbella; Rogelio rushes to the hospital to comfort Xo; after getting his position back, Rafael is faced with a tough decision regarding layoffs.
19 January 2015

Episode 11
Chapter Eleven
When the nuns surprise Jane (Gina Rodriguez) by offering her a permanent teaching position, she's excited, but things become complicated when Rogelio (Jaime Camil) offers Jane a writing internship at his telenovela. Alba (Ivonne Coll) encourages Xo (Andrea Navedo) to keep the promise she made to God about Rogelio. Meanwhile, Michael (Brett Dier) is convinced of Rafael's (Justin Baldoni) involvement with the mysterious Sin Rostro and disobeys his boss' direct order to leave Rafael alone. Yael Gro
26 January 2015

Episode 12
Chapter Twelve
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) gets a big break in her career, but it all seems too good to be true, especially when it involves Rogelio (Jaime Camil). Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is stressed about Sin Rostro's connection to the hotel and begins to fear for his family's safety. Meanwhile, Petra's (Yael Grobglas) past is quickly catching up with her and she is disheartened when she learns the truth about someone very close to her. Brett Dier, Andrea Navedo and Ivonne Coll also star.
02 February 2015

Episode 13
Chapter Thirteen
A medical issue may cause Jane to miss her graduation; Michael thinks he has identified Sin Rostro.
09 February 2015

Episode 14
Chapter Fourteen
Michael's suspicions cause Jane to question Rafael's actions.
16 February 2015

Episode 15
Chapter Fifteen
News about their baby's health causes Jane and Rafael to revisit the idea of moving in together.
09 March 2015

Episode 16
Chapter Sixteen
Jane is feeling distant from Rafael so she focuses on her writing instead, but is stuck with a case of writers block. When Jane runs into Michael he mentions a romance writing workshop, and she thinks she has found the solution. Petra has a solution to finding a musical performer for the Mirabella's Calle Ocho celebration, but it forces Rafael to ask Rogelio for help. Rogelio is struggling with his new character as a detective, so he gets the brilliant idea to shadow Michael for real cop experie
16 March 2015

Episode 17
Chapter Seventeen
Jane worries if she is cut out to be a mother. Petra makes a startling discovery about Aaron Zazo. Xo pressures Rogelio to open up about his true feelings. Xo and Alma continue to fight over Xo moving out.
06 April 2015

Episode 18
Chapter Eighteen
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) unintentionally ruins Rafael's (Justin Baldoni) chances of getting the hotel's liquor license back, but her attempt to help fix it means missing the Villanueva's Easter festivities. Rafael gets information about his birth mother from the private detective he has hired, but doesn't like what he hears. Rogelio's (Jaime Camil) mother, Liliana (Rita Moreno), comes for a visit but she and Xo (Andrea Navedo) do not have the best history. Alba (Ivonne Coll) takes a big step in the
13 April 2015

Episode 19
Chapter Nineteen
Jane and Rafeal go to couples therapy in attempt to fix their broken relationship meanwhile, Xo feels guilty about kissing Marco the other night, Petra is kidnapped by Roman, and Michael learns a secret about Nadine. Petra's mother returns.
20 April 2015

Episode 20
Chapter Twenty
Jane needs Michael's help to prove that Petra is telling a lie. Xo tried to patch things up with Rogelio, and Alba starts remembering what happened when she fell down the stairs.
27 April 2015

Episode 21
Chapter Twenty-One
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is nervous to attend her five year high school reunion because she feels her life is not what she expected it to be. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) confides in Petra (Yael Grobglas) about Jane's custody request, making Petra think she can fix the problem and become the hero. Xo (Andrea Navedo) is confused about Rogelio's (Jaime Camil) reaction during their show rehearsal until she learns the real reason behind it. Meanwhile, Jane agrees to attend Michael's (Brett Dier) commendatio
04 May 2015

Episode 22
Chapter Twenty-Two
Jane goes into labor, causing conflict between Rafeal and Michael. Meanwhile, Xo and Rogelio try to make it home on time to see the baby. Petra makes a discovery of her own.
11 May 2015

Episode 1
Chapter Twenty-Three
Sin Rostro makes a ransom demand after abducting Mateo; Rafael feels left out when Jane turns to Xo and Alba for help; Petra considers what she should do with Rafael's last sperm sample.

With built-in subtitles: English French Hebrew Romanian Spanish

12 October 2015

Episode 2
Chapter Twenty-Four
Jane receives Mateo back, but must face the brewing love triangle between her, Michael and Rafael. Xo and Rogelio must perform on a cruise ship as part of contract agreements. Lachlan returns from his trip and proposes a deal, but Petra and Rafael don't trust him. Meanwhile, Alba makes a change in her life.

With built-in subtitles: English French Hebrew Spanish

19 October 2015

Episode 3
Chapter Twenty-Five
When a slot opens up in the graduate program that Jane has been waiting for, she is faced with her first big motherhood dilemma - leaving Mateo sooner than expected. Rafael is still reeling from Petra's (Yael Grobglas) news as he tries to help plan Mateo's baptism with Jane. Xo (Andrea Navedo) helps Rogelio (Jaime Camil) confront his past even though it makes Xo uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Michael (Brett Dier) takes some advice from Rogelio about how to handle Jane, but it is easier said than done

With built-in subtitles: English French Hebrew Spanish

26 October 2015

Episode 4
Chapter Twenty-Six
Jane finally learns to trust other people with the baby, and celebrates a birthday, half- exhausted. Several conflicted feelings later, Jane decides who she wants to be with.

With built-in subtitles: English Hebrew Spanish

02 November 2015

Episode 5
Chapter Twenty-Seven
Jane thinks she is finally ready to make a decision about her love life. Alba has taken the proper steps to become a citizen, but Xo's past might make it more difficult than anyone was expecting.

With built-in subtitles: English French Hebrew Spanish

09 November 2015

Episode 6
Chapter Twenty-Eight
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) begin estate planning for Mateo, but when Jane realizes that Mateo will inherit millions, she worries he will become spoiled. Jane is also finally starting graduate school, but her professor (guest star Adam Rodriguez) is not sympathetic to her situation. Rogelio's (Jaime Camil) famous show is ending, so he decides to create his own show, with Xo's (Andrea Navedo) encouragement. Petra (Yael Grobglas) is shocked to learn what she is having and tur

With built-in subtitles: English Hebrew Spanish

16 November 2015

Episode 7
Chapter Twenty-Nine
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) interview potential babysitters to help take some of the pressure off everyone, but Jane has specific and lengthy requirements. Jane attends her graduate school's Christmas party in hopes of finding the perfect writing advisor, but things don't go quite as planned. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is faced with a tough decision about the direction of his life. Petra (Yael Grobglas) wants a friendship with Jane, but her mother's antics once again thwart thos

With built-in subtitles: English French Hebrew Spanish

23 November 2015

Episode 8
Chapter Thirty
Jane discovers she still needs to find a way to pay for grad school; Rogelio struggles to trust his intern; Michael searches for for Luisa's mother.

With built-in subtitles: Hebrew French English

14 December 2015

Episode 9
Chapter Thirty-One
Jane's latest parenting obstacle is sleep training Mateo, a struggle that has the Villanueva woman divided on what is the best method. At the same time, she is beginning her new job as a TA and is faced with a class full of basketball players looking for an easy A. Petra confesses all to Rafael and is determined to put her mother away for good. Rogelio's mother Liliana comes for a visit and reveals a forty year old family secret. Meanwhile, Michael discovers the truth about Luisa's mother and ne

With built-in subtitles: Hebrew English

25 January 2016

Episode 10
Chapter Thirty-Two
Jane considers dating again when she meets a guy named Dax; Rafael shares information with Michael.

With built-in subtitles: English French Hebrew

01 February 2016

Episode 11
Chapter Thirty Three
Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) crush on Professor Chavez (guest star Adam Rodriguez) is popping up in her dreams and she needs to evaluate her feelings towards him. Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Jane find Liliana's engagement ring and think that Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is going to propose. Rogelio IS planning to propose, but with a different ring, one that gets swallowed accidentally by Mateo! Michael (Brett Dier) comes to a realization about Rose and Mutter. Justin Baldoni, Yael Grobglas and Ivonne Coll also s

With built-in subtitles: Hebrew French English

08 February 2016

Episode 12
Chapter Thirty-Four
Jane is thinking about whether or not she should have sex with Jonathan, while in the meantime Rogelio and Xiomara try to sort out their differences. Michael's plan takes an unexpected turn.

With built-in subtitles: Hebrew French English

22 February 2016

Episode 13
Chapter Thirty-Five
Liv investigates the murder of Big Fish, a pathological liar. After chewing down a brain burger, she see-saws between spouting truth and lies the whole episode.

With built-in subtitles: English French Hebrew

29 February 2016

Episode 14
Chapter Thirty-Six
The death of the owner of Ravi's favorite coffee shop, 'Positivity', leaves Liv seeing the bright side to everything around her. Meanwhile, the newly found tainted Utopium has unexpected effects on the latest guinea pig. Blaine finds himself in a sticky situation and Liv makes an important discovery about her room mate.

With built-in subtitles: English French Hebrew

07 March 2016

Episode 15
Chapter Thirty-Seven
While investigating the murder of a research scientist who was recently demoted at her job, Liv and Detective Babineaux are shocked to learn where she had been employed. Meanwhile, Blaine pays Ravi a visit at the morgue, and Liv discovers something new about Drake. Lastly, Vaughn du Clark confronts Major.

With built-in subtitles: English French Hebrew

21 March 2016

Episode 16
Chapter Thirty-Eight
Liv consumes the brain of a recently murdered stripper and uncovers some extremely useful information. Meanwhile, Blaine isn't quite himself lately, and Ravi makes a startling discovery. Lastly, Major and Ravi are helping Peyton (recurring guest star ALY MICHALKA) move back in with Liv when she receives a surprising phone call.

With built-in subtitles: English French Hebrew

28 March 2016

Episode 17
Chapter Thirty-Nine
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) has a specific idea of how she wants to celebrate her bachelorette party, but when Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Lina (guest star Diane Guerrero) get involved, nothing goes as planned.

With built-in subtitles: Hebrew French English

11 April 2016

Episode 18
Chapter Forty
Jane struggles with an overwhelming schedule, her adviser's approval of her work, and Rogelio's active role in the wedding. Petra learns the tale of her sister's journey to meet her. Raphael pursues a new investment opportunity. Rogelio searches for a far-fetched solution to a recent mistake.
18 April 2016

Episode 19
Chapter Forty-One
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) takes on additional shifts at the Marbella to make some extra money, but it starts cutting into her time with Mateo. Jane and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) agree that they need a formal custody agreement and decide to use a mediator to help make it more amicable. Xo (Andrea Navedo) takes an acting role on Rogelio's (Jaime Camil) telenovela and they are both surprised with her performance. Michael (Brett Dier) gets called into his boss' office after a newspaper runs a story on him
25 April 2016

Episode 20
Chapter Forty-Two
The Villanueva women have a tradition for Mother's Day and Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is excited to get to participate in her first one as a mom. However, their plans are thwarted when Petra (Yael Grobglas) invites everyone to a brunch instead. Jane's TA position is put into jeopardy when a mysterious ad appears in the college newspaper. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is hurt when Dina (guest star Judy Reyes) doesn't invite him to her birthday party, so he asks Jane to help in an unusual way. Rafael (Justin B
02 May 2016

Episode 21
Chapter Forty-Three
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) has made big plans to celebrate Mateo's first birthday, but things start to fall apart when she learns there might be an issue with her wedding venue. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) faces a challenge on set that could jeopardize Jane's big day. Jane is excited when Alba (Ivonne Coll) gives her a lead on a book publisher, but soon begins having doubts about her writing. Jane and Petra (Yael Grobglas) try to help Rafael (Justin Baldoni) figure out his troubles, but they have differing
09 May 2016

Episode 22
Chapter Forty Four
16 May 2016

Episode 1
Chapter Forty-Five
Jane is forced to make difficult choices when she learns that Michael was shot. Anezka pretends to be Petra while Rafael focuses on keeping Mateo safe. Rogelio tries to keep everything out of the press for Jane, but is forced to ask Xo's help with an awkward situation.
17 October 2016

Episode 2
Chapter Forty-Six
Rafael and Jane's co-parenting style is tested when they argue over the best preschool for Mateo. Xo is worried about what will happen to her relationship with Alba if he finds out her secret. Rogelio crosses over to American TV when he learns his nemesis is doing the same. Anezka tries to find new dirt on Rafael when she starts an unexpected romance.
24 October 2016

Episode 3
Chapter Forty-Seven
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) continues to work on her thesis and she decides to add Alba's (Ivonne Coll) estranged sister to the narrative, much to Alba's dismay. In order for Rogelio (Jaime Camil) to have a chance at being an American crossover star he decides to bring the Passions of Santos to The CW in hopes they will pick it up. Xo (Andrea Navedo) thinks about abandoning her dream of being a singer for something more realistic. Meanwhile, Luisa (guest star Yara Martinez) is forced to make a choice
31 October 2016

Episode 4
Chapter Forty-Eight
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Michael's (Brett Dier) housewarming party in their new home hits a snag when they discover they are being evicted for not paying their rent. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is still trying to break into American television, but needs some unusual help from Rafael (Justin Baldoni). Xo (Andrea Navedo) makes a new career choice, but Alba (Ivonne Coll) and Jane aren't convinced this is the one for her. Meanwhile, "Petra" (Yael Grobglas) shocks Rafael with what she wants to do with he
07 November 2016

Episode 5
Chapter Forty-Nine
Alba lets Jane read the letters from her estranged sister as long as she doesn't reach out to her family; Rafael suspects something different with Petra; Michael and Rafael try to create a civil friendship.
14 November 2016

Episode 6
Chapter Fifty
Jane questions her less than spontaneous life after her cousin unexpectedly visits; Xo finds a location for her dance studio; Rogelio struggles to tell Xo he has feelings for her; Petra is served with a lawsuit and asks Rafael for help.
21 November 2016

Episode 7
Chapter Fifty-One
When Alba (Ivonne Coll) makes Jane (Gina Rodriguez) feel guilty for not attending church, Jane decides she wants to bring Mateo against Rafael's (Justin Baldoni) wishes. Rafael unlocks a long lost memory of him and his mother, which could be a clue in the Mutter case. Rogelio (Jamie Camil) hires a matchmaker to help him get over Xo (Andrea Navedo.) Meanwhile, Jane's cousin is starting to wear out her welcome. Yael Grobglas and Brett Dier also star.
28 November 2016

Episode 8
Chapter Fifty-Two
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) finds it difficult to stop meddling in other people's relationships, especially Xo's (Andrea Navedo) and Rafael's (Justin Baldoni.) Rogelio (Jamie Camil) makes an unorthodox agreement with his matchmaker. Petra (Yael Grobglas) goes to great lengths to find out if Rafael is working against her. Michael, (Brett Dier) with Jane's help, makes an important life decision with Jane's help. Meanwhile, Rafael gets some upsetting news that leaves him reeling. Ivonne Coll also stars.
23 January 2017

Episode 9
Chapter Fifty-Three
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Michael (Brett Dier) are both feeling the pressure - Jane with turning in the perfect novel and Michael with passing his upcoming test. Jane and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) become concerned over Mateo's development when they learn that other children his age are more advanced. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) invites everyone to the last day of filming for his telenovela, but he is not pleased with the ending. After watching Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio's interaction, Darci (guest s
30 January 2017

Episode 10
Chapter Fifty Four
When Jane (Gina Rodriguez) realizes that she and Michael (Brett Dier) are both stressed out, they decide to recreate their first date to help them relax. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) makes a big scene on the red carpet of his film premiere and his rant goes viral, which leave him to make a choice about the direction of his career. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) wants to set a good example for his children leaving him to make a big decision with the ultimate sacrifice. Meanwhile, Bruce's (guest star Ricardo Ch
06 February 2017

Episode 11
Chapter Fifty-Five
Working in publishing is not what Jane (Gina Rodriguez) thought it would be, until she learns about a showcase for up and coming writers. With Petra (Yael Grobglas) helming the Marbella, she decides to rebrand the hotel, but quickly butts heads with the rival hotel next door. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) and Darci (guest star Justina Machado) have made a new arrangement which has put a strain on his relationship with Xo (Andrea Navedo). Meanwhile, Jane and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) try to figure out the
13 February 2017

Episode 12
Chapter Fifty-Six
When Jane quits her job she realized that she made a terrible mistake. Petra and Rafael deal with the after-math of Scott's murder, starting with the new lounge manager.
20 February 2017

Episode 13
Chapter Fifty-Seven
Chapter Fifty-Seven
27 February 2017

Episode 14
Chapter Fifty-Eight
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) feels guilty that she isn't around for Mateo as much as she would like, so she decides to run for Room Mom against none other than perfect mom, Petra (Yael Grobglas). With the help of Jane and Xo (Andrea Navedo), Alba (Ivonne Coll) tries to impress her crush, but it doesn't go as smoothly as planned. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) tries to be there for both Jane and Petra. Meanwhile, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) tries to slyly get information from Mateo about Xo and Bruce's (guest star R
20 March 2017

Episode 15
Chapter Fifty-Nine
Jane turns to Rafael and Petra for advice on getting back into the dating scene.Alba takes Jane and Xo's advice on Jorge. Petra learns Chuck is talking to the police.
27 March 2017

Episode 16
Chapter Sixty
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is finally a published author but she's reluctant to talk about her past to help sell her book. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is intimidated by his new younger male co-star and begins to wonder if the newbie is trying to sabotage him. Luisa (guest star Yara Martinez) and her girlfriend Eileen (guest star Elisabeth Rohm) are back in town to visit Rafael (Justin Baldoni), but Rafael isn't taking any chances when it comes to safety. Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Grobglas) must convince Anezk
24 April 2017

Episode 17
Chapter Sixty-One
Jane is ready for some casual dating and is pleasantly surprised when her date actually helps her fix things with Lina (guest star Diane Guerrero). Petra follows a lead with the help of Chuck that could help her sister's case. Rafael takes Jane's advice and tries to come clean with Petra. Rogelio is angry with Xo when she blows him off, but is shocked when he learns the reason why. Meanwhile, Alba (Ivonne Coll) is appalled by a comment a customer makes in the gift shop and decides to take a poli
01 May 2017

Episode 18
Chapter Sixty-Two
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) has to learn how to handle her new love life, especially when the guy she is dating introduces her to his grandmother. Petra (Yael Grobglas) learns some interesting information about Chuck (guest star Johnny Messner). Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) are eager to share their news with Jane, but want to try to take her feelings into consideration. Meanwhile, when Mateo starts asking questions, Jane and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) are forced to sit down with him and e
08 May 2017

Episode 19
Chapter Sixty-Three
Jane and Fabian are not on the same page when it comes to their relationship, which makes it hard for Jane to ask him for a favor. Petra and Rafael both turn to Jane for advice, but Jane is determined not to get involved. Meanwhile, Jane volunteers to help Xo and Rogelio, but might have bitten off more than she can chew.
15 May 2017

Episode 20
Chapter Sixty-Four
Jane struggles to find the right words for Rogelio and Xo's ceremony, when she learns about a mysterious letter that Michael wrote before their wedding. Rogelio and Xo are excited for their big day, but Rogelio gets some shocking news that could put things on hold. Once again Rafael is upset with Luisa and asks her to leave, but Luisa has a plan of her own. Meanwhile, Petra is skeptical about Jane's feelings for Rafael which leads her to make a rash decision. Ivonne Coll also stars.
22 May 2017

Episode 1
Chapter Sixty-Five
Jane is reunited with her first love, but Xo and Alba aren't as thrilled to see him.
13 October 2017

Episode 2
Chapter Sixty-Six
Jane rediscovers her fun side through her relationship with Adam. Rogelio doesn't like his new co-star. Xo helps care for Darci to prove Rogelio is committed to being a father. Petra and Rafael work to re-buy the hotel.
20 October 2017

Episode 3
Chapter Sixty-Seven
Chapter Sixty-Seven
27 October 2017

Episode 4
Chapter Sixty-Eight
Jane and Adam have agreed to take time apart to think things over. Rogelio and Darcy can't decide on a name for the baby. Xo's buisness struggles. Alba shares her wisdom with Raphael.
03 November 2017

Episode 5
Chapter Sixty-Nine
Adam reveals his dating past to Jane and it puts a strain on their relationship; Lina seeks Jane's advice about whether she should get married; Petra hears some important information that could help Rafael get the hotel back; Xo asks Rogelio to consider having a medical procedure done, but he is very hesitant.
10 November 2017

Episode 6
Chapter Seventy
Jane's book is coming out, but her plans to have a party at the local bookstore where she was inspired to be a writer hit a snag.
17 November 2017

Episode 7
Chapter Seventy-One
Chapter Seventy-One
08 December 2017

Episode 8
Chapter Seventy-Two
After Jane and Rafael decide to send Mateo to a new school, they become guilt-ridden when they are forced to lie to get him in. After Xo convinces Rogelio to attend therapy they both are surprised by their emotions. Meanwhile, Petra finds herself in big trouble with no one to turn to for help, not even Rafael. Ivonne Coll also stars.
26 January 2018

Episode 9
Chapter Seventy-Three
When Jane and Rafael realize that the uncertain state of their relationship is stressing out Mateo, they decide that they need to make a decision. Petra is on the outs with Jane and Rafael after the Luisa fiasco so she tries to figure out a way to get back into their good graces. Meanwhile, Rogelio and Xo are both contemplating their career choices.
02 February 2018

Episode 10
Chapter Seventy-Four
Jane and Rafael try to be friends, which works great until Jane goes on a date. Petra and Jane's new partnership is off to a rocky start, but they both know they have to find a way to work together somehow. Rogelio is convinced he has Male Post-Partum Depression, which puts him at odds with with celebrity Post-Partum Advocate River Fields. Meanwhile, Alba finally tells Jane why she turned down the marriage proposal, leaving Jane to help Alba in the romance department.
09 February 2018

Episode 11
Chapter Seventy-Five
Jane gets back to her teaching roots and sees her former professor in a different light.
02 March 2018

Episode 12
Chapter Seventy-Six
Jane's fixation on a negative review has left her with writer's block, so Rogelio suggests she take a class to help. With the encouragement of Jane, Rafael is ready to dig into his past. Rogelio is trying to make things less about him and more about Xo, but he grows suspicious when he learns she is keeping a secret from him. Meanwhile, Petra tests the loyalty of her lawyer.
09 March 2018

Episode 13
Chapter Seventy-Seven
Chapter Seventy-Seven
16 March 2018

Episode 14
Chapter Seventy-Eight
Xo struggles to make an important decision and looks to Jane for guidance, leaving Rogelio feeling like an outsider. Alba is frustrated with Rogelio when it seems he is once again making his career a priority over Xo. Meanwhile, Petra turns to Rafael for advice on her love life.
23 March 2018

Episode 15
Chapter Seventy-Nine
After Jane, Rafael, Petra and JR all go out together, Jane is bothered to learn that JR doesn't like her. Jane and Rafael brush off a big relationship moment, but they both try to make up for it in different ways. Rogelio is nervous to tell Darci that he is no longer able to be a "Danny" so he uses Xo as a scapegoat, which lands him in hot water with both Xo and Darci. Meanwhile, Jane helps Alba secretly prepare for the biggest test in her life.
06 April 2018

Episode 16
Chapter Eighty
Jane and Rafael find themselves in an unideal situation in order to save money. Rafael sees Alba try to punish Mateo. Xo tries to stay positive during treatment. River and Rogelio are at odds over their ideas for the show. Petra feels unsupported by JR.
13 April 2018

Episode 17
Chapter Eighty-One
Jane believes she and Rafael are in a good place until she realizes he is keeping a secret from her. Alba's big day has finally arrived, and Jane, Xo and Rogelio are ready to celebrate but Alba has other plans. Petra and JR make a decision about their future that neither of them saw coming. Meanwhile, River spends the week with Rogelio in order to help them be believable as a married couple, but she soon starts to take her role too seriously.
20 April 2018

Episode 1
Chapter Eighty-Two
Jane makes a shocking discovery and looks to Rafael for answers; Rafael decides to put everything he and Jane have on hold; Petra is trying to secure a future with JR, but her past might jeopardize everything..
27 March 2019

Episode 2
Chapter Eighty-Three
With Jane's Catholic guilt starting to settle in, she turns to Alba for advice and gets an unexpected answer. Luisa decides to go see Rose with Rafael by her side, in order to help get answers. Meanwhile, Rogelio is back to work with River, but a power struggle ensues between the two and Xo might be the solution they have been looking for.
03 April 2019

Episode 3
Chapter Eighty-Four
Jane must get over the newest hurdle in her life, which proves to be harder than she and Rafael would have hoped; Rogelio discovers that he and River are not as equal as he had thought.
10 April 2019

Episode 4
Chapter Eighty-Five
Jane is torn between her feelings for Michael and Rafael, and makes a bad decision while drinking with Petra. Petra tries to get JR back and get rid of Magda. Alba thinks Jorge might still have feelings for her.
17 April 2019

Episode 5
Chapter Eighty-Six
Michael meets another woman falls deeply in love. Jane picks Rafael so they will be a complete family. Michael does not have any kids keeping him with Jane. So, Michael needs a new woman or go back to Montana.
24 April 2019

Episode 6
Chapter Eighty-Seven
Jane struggles with giving Rafael his space after she discovers that he is hiding a secret. Jane and Michael uncover clues about what happened the day he "died." Petra wants to fit into JR's world and enlists Jane's help. After a few attempts to get back into the groove, Xo and Rogelio work together to try and find a new normal. Meanwhile, Alba confesses her feelings about Jorge.
01 May 2019

Episode 7
Chapter Eighty-Eight
Jane and Michael travel to Montana to check the chemistry of their relationship. Jane gets out of her comfort zone while Michael slides back in to his old life as Jason. Jane struggles with her feelings for Raphael.
08 May 2019

Episode 8
Chapter Eighty-Nine
Jane cannot deal with Raphael avoiding her. She uses an issue with Mateo to get time with Raphael. Rogelio turns to Jane when he learns his pilot is in trouble. Alba and Jorge get advice from Xo on how to study.
15 May 2019

Episode 9
Chapter Ninety
When Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) join forces to pitch a pilot, Jane is excited until she discovers a secret about her book being published. Alba (Ivonne Coll) and Jorge (guest star Alfonso DiLuca) make an important decision about their future together. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) asks Jane to allow Luisa (guest star Yara Martinez) to meet Mateo, but she is unsure of her decision. Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Grobglas) and JR's (guest star Rosario Dawson) relationship is once again test
22 May 2019

Episode 10
Chapter Ninety-One
Jane struggles to balance her time between writing a script for the network and writing a novel; Rafael is furious with Jane after she makes a medical appointment that he doesn't agree with; JR lands a job interview out of state
29 May 2019

Episode 11
Chapter Ninety-Two
Jorge has officially moved into Alba's house; Rafael and Jane work on their co-parenting of Mateo; Rogelio has a new set of unexpected problems; Xo is nervous about the results of her PET scan.
05 June 2019

Episode 12
Chapter Ninety-Three
After Rafael witnesses Mateo's behavior at school, he wants to take a different approach to his treatment; Rogelio is paranoid that River is plotting her revenge; Jane convinces Petra to go out after she learns that Rafael is dating.
12 June 2019

Episode 13
Chapter Ninety-Four
With Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) finally in a good place, they are concerned to discover Mateo's treatment might be a problem. Alba (Ivonne Coll) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) are worried about Xo's (Andrea Navedo) recent behavior. Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Grobglas) is secretly pleased when Rafael and Jane begin fighting over her.
19 June 2019

Episode 14
Chapter Ninety-Five
Jane is excited when Lina comes to town until she asks for a favor. Petra and Raphael are working together again, but that brings up old tensions. Rogelio pressures the network to pick up his pilot.
26 June 2019

Episode 15
Chapter Ninety-Six
Jane gets inspiration to finish her novel but now she must find an agent to shop it. Rogelio contemplates taking a different role. Jane prepares to be a stepmother and turns to Petra for advice about the twins.
10 July 2019

Episode 16
Chapter Ninety-Seven
Jane begins to obsess over the past after her agent pitches a dark twist to her novel. Rogelio tries to patch up River's relationship with her daughter. Xo tries to smooth things over between Jane and Alba.
17 July 2019

Episode 17
Chapter Ninety-Eight
Jane is feeling good about her publish prospects until an unexpected problem arises. Rafael's working relationship with Petra is going so well that she makes him an unexpected offer.
24 July 2019

Episode 18
Chapter Ninety-Nine
The send-off show with interviews with cast and crew.
31 July 2019

Episode 19
Chapter One-Hundred
With Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) finally getting ready for their big day, Rafael's desire to help Jane's writing dream lands him in trouble.Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) must tell the family about their decision and not everyone takes it well.Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Grobglas) struggles with her emotions.
31 July 2019